Finding and managing information

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Finding and managing information

Under this broad communication area, Komms Klinics zooms in on the following aspects, among others:

  • Using search engines effectively;
  • Managing and filtering information;
  • Using social media and RSS feeds to manage information;
  • Getting effective at personal information and knowledge management for yourself and your teams;
  • Tags and categories;

Awareness raising session: "Finding and managing information”

28 August, 11.00-12.30, Information centre break out room, ILRI Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

List of registered participants for this session


Read the blog post 'Finding and managing information in a research environment – an ILRI KommsKlinics session'

Results to the question: "What are your personal tips and tricks to find and manage information individually?" Finding information individually - their sources are:

  • Google search engine (using different key words), Google scholar
  • Email
  • Bi-lateral conversation with colleagues, asking questions (face to face meetings)
  • Social media (Yammer, blogs Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, Flickr, Slideshare)
  • From news media

On Managing information:

  • We need a hands-on session with some specific tools to manage information
  • Usually we manage information in our computer by having different folder structure (this is feedback from almost all people)
  • Mendeley or Mahider



Content Process
Awesome! I learned so much! 3 3 Superb! It went like a dream
Great! I learned quite a bit 11 16 Nice! I liked how it was organized
It was ok 7 4 Not bad
Mwaah... nothing really new 3 - Duh! Too chaotic!
Terrible! I could have been the instructor 1 1 ??!? This was a complete waste of my time

Additional comments and suggestions (Addis):

  • I found it very useful and gained lots
  • The trainers are well equipped
  • The Komms people need to organize a similar session to discuss on standardizing quality information to be shared on the various medias
  • I really appreciate the effort of komms team to bring most staff to the knowledge of modern information finding and managing
  • It would be great to have a more focused session on giving example and scenarios showing on finding specific information
  • I learned about delicious and will check it right now

Feedback from Nairobi Group:

  • The group expressed a collective agreement that finding and managing information is a problem especially when there is too much information available. The training offered them tips and tricks on how to narrow down their search for specific information.
  • The PKM session was too technical but very important.The time allocated to this presentation was short but they promised to further discuss it with the organizers.
  • Make it more practical rather than theoretical
  • The discussions were superb, the Nairobi team discussed so many issues and even had short presentation on tools like Mendley, Delicious,google drives etc
  • At a point the sound was distorted which affected the participants concentration
  • Aquestion on ILRI data management policy was raised; do we have one in place? Where can staff access it? Who handles the raw data and how can raw research data be accessed for secondary use? Is there a central database for all ILRI research projects that stores everything. This information should be available to ILRI staff and students…..