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Meetings and events

Under this broad communication area, Komms Klinics zooms in on four different aspects:

  • Designing events;
  • Facilitation of events;
  • Public speaking;
  • Documentation and (social) reporting;

KMIS does not formally support logistics of events, although we can provide some tips about this too.

Awareness raising session: "Organizing effective events and conversations”

20 April, 10.30-12.00, Information centre break out room, ILRI Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

List of registered participants for this session



Content Process
Awesome! I learned so much! 3 3 Superb! It went like a dream
Great! I learned quite a bit 10 10 Nice! I liked how it was organized
It was ok 3 2 Not bad
Mwaah... nothing really new Duh! Too chaotic!
Terrible! I could have been the instructor ??!? This was a complete waste of my time

One missing vote on process and one content vote (between 'great' and 'ok' assumed as 'ok'). Additional comments and suggestions:

  • Very nice to have practical exercises engaging people - excellent initiative from KMIS!!
  • It was great. Really appreciate your efforts. Would like to see more practical support given to themes and units. Thank you! I think time was short to accommodate feedback from participants like allowing them to share their experiences more...
  • The awareness session was very good. I suggest if it can be more detailed in the future.
  • It is good to prepare a manual for easy reference. I like the way of presentation very much!
  • Great initiative.
  • Thank you! I learned so much and I liked it;
  • I found it interesting and knowledgeable;